The process of making changes to the established by introducing new methods, ideas and products.

Innovation is vital to the success of any organization. The challenge for most is finding what it means to be innovative for your business and in your industry. K-State is seasoned in university/private sector collaboration and methods to enhance the value created for both.

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With more than 220 active patents, K-State has demonstrated experienced in advancing and protecting intellectual property. Simply search K-State's portfolio of technologies that are currently available for licensing. The list is frequently updated and includes descriptions of technologies related to patents and other intellectual property owned or otherwise managed by K-State. Contact us to learn more about a technology.

Not sure what type of collaboration makes sense for your company? KBED can help by simplifying navigating the University, identifying the right experts, and facilitating the appropriate agreements to aid in your collaboration. Contact us today to get started!

Featured Research Capabilities:


The Kansas State University College of Engineering, which is the largest and most comprehensive engineering college in the region, has more than 100 years of vibrant history. The college offers 12 undergraduate,12 masters and 8 doctorate degree programs spanning 17 different fields and is known for outstanding research programs related to energy, health, infrastructure, and information technology.

Sensory Analysis Center

Global Food Systems (GFS)

Kansas State’s world class research in animal health, plant science, and food safety and security have firmly established the university as a leader in addressing growing resource needs of the global food system. Industry partners are essential to keeping the U.S. food system one of the most competitive in the world.

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Agricultural and Biological Security

Named 'Silicon Valley for biodefense' by the Blue Ribbon Study Panel, Kansas State University was a natural choice for a $1.25 billion, level-4 laboratory such as the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF). The University is well-positioned with unique capabilities in the related areas of veterinary, agricultural and biosecurity disciplines. 

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