Partnership Facilitation

We are your one stop shop for locating in the Manhattan-area. Let us help you navigate the city/local/state/university/community components, so you can spend less time transitioning and more time focusing on your core business. From local zoning to accessing faculty innovation to hiring the talent you need, we will help you realize your vision.

Facilitating & Hosting Site Visits

  • Hosting visits on campus and in the community, meetings with faculty/expertise, community and state stakeholders, etc.
  • Coordinating facility, campus, and community tours

Site Selection

  • Helping your company identify and secure a location appropriate for whatever you're doing

Introduction to Faculty Members

  • Creating connections with key faculty & labs to drive innovation for your company

Investment Capital & Incentive Process Facilitation

  • Identifying opportunities for local and state economic development incentives
  • Facilitating access to appropriate local/state contacts to coordinate incentives
  • Connecting your company to our contacts to explore capital investments 

Connection to Talent Pipeline

  • Establishing a pipeline of relevant talent including interns, alumni, and local workforce

Workforce Development

  • Design appropriate programs to train/retrain your employees to ensure a competitive advantage