Manhattan Has Your Business Answers

Are you looking for innovation, talent or professional development?

Several Kansas City-based companies have established satellite locations to take advantage of all Manhattan and K-State have to offer. KC Options features the crossword below, which answers how Manhattan and K-State have your business solutions. 
crossword 2

1. 64% of KSU grads would stay in Manhattan if they could find____in their field.

2. Between 2000 and 3000 military personnel transition annually from ____and about 50% want to stay and work in the Manhattan area.

3. Forbes named Manhattan one of the "Top 30 Best Small Places for____and Careers" six years running.

4. Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization facilitated about 1500____between businesses and KSU over a three-year period.

5. ____was named "Best College Town in America" in 2015 by

6. Slated for completion in 2022, DHS's $1.2 billion____(National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility) next to the KSU campus is adjacent to thousands of square feet of available and planned office and research space.

7. ____corporations like Garmin, US Engineering, and GE Aviation know that proximity to KSU student intern talent means they have a great shot at hiring those smart grads.

8. ____among the business community, KSU, and Fort Riley  make Manhattan a uniquely profitable place to set up shop.

9. ____is  less than a two-hour jaunt west of Kansas City on Interstate-70.

10. KSU was granted 21____in 2015 and, it has over 220 in its active portfolio.